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The Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky want Kentucky to prosper, we need a great economy with a vibrant business community, generating profits, and the best people to help in that endeavor are those who understand how to run a business. I also tell folks my personal philosophy when it comes to criticism – and all members of the Legislature have felt that sting at some point. As long as I try to do the right thing, I believe that if someone is mad at the position I have taken, they are not really mad at me, personally. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing delightful about being the target of criticism. But, over the years, the positive moments have far outweighed the negatives. I have been a successful advocate on many of the issues that are important to my constituents and me, resulting in significant legislation. I have appeared on statewide television and radio numerous times to comment and/ or debate the important issues of the day. THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT I have served as a guest host for a popular radio show and have even appeared on national television to promote passage of one of my bills. And, following the horrendous events of September 11, 2001, I was privileged and honored to be one of the featured speakers at a patriotic rally at a local baseball stadium filled with over 8,000 people. I have been blessed. And now, despite all of the current economic uncertainly, I am encouraged to see a wider variety of people getting involved in politics to support of all kinds of issues – and that is a very good thing, for all of us. No matter where you live – whether it is Kentucky or somewhere else – I encourage you to get involved at some level in the political process, even if it is only communicating with your elected officials, to ensure that your voice is heard. After all, if we truly want to leave our children and grandchildren a better America than we were given, isn’t a little effort worth it? Spring 2012 43